Ghana Customer Visited XCMG Factory

發布時間:2014-07-24 | 發布者:admin | 關注度:3382

On 24th, July, 2014, a client from Ghana visited XCMG factory. They intended to buy one unit of XCMG 5 ton wheel loader ZL50GN with Shanghai diesel engine SC11CB220G2B1 under CAT license and one unit 6*4 336HP Sinotruck dump truck. They saw many units ZL50GN in the factory. There were many units of ZL50GN as ready stock in the factory for fast delivery. The clients were very satisfied with the ZL50GN after they checked.

On 25th, July, 2014, the client visited the warehouse of Sinotruck in Shanghai. They saw the dump truck they wanted to buy. They operated the truck and were satisfied with the dump truck.

As soon as the client went back to Ghana, they placed the order with us. We shipped the loader within 15 days after order confirmation and also shipped the dump truck one time. The client were very satisfied and intended to buy more from us the next year.